Real Journey Time

Using the Real Journey Time API to explore bus journey times in The West Midlands.

1. Pick a bus stop.

2. Pick a date and time

Select special dates:
Start time:
End time:

There's data from about the 26th of March.

3. API calls.

There are currently three methods for the API. Click stops on the map above to see an example of them all.

1. Get all stops currently in the database.

2. Get all stops reachable from a stop.


3. Get all journeys between the two selected stops, and the worst journey time within 30 minute bins.

4. Get charts Loading may take up to a minute...

Journey Chart

Journey Time Distributions.

Real journey times (mins)
Timetabled journey times (mins)

Worst journey time by time of day.

Worst journey times (mins)

Made possible by open data and open source software

  • The TfWM API.
  • The NaPTAN dataset.
  • Open Street Map for mapping
  • Leaflet.js for mapping
  • PapaParse for CSV parsing.
  • Pikaday for the cool date picker
  • .NET Core 2 (running on Ubuntu) for all the hosting.

And also Google Charts.